jQuery is a way of manipulating the DOM (Document Object Model) on a website using JavaScript.

First you set up a basic html document.

Add some paragraphs and buttons which we will be using later to the body:

Node.js is a runtime environment for executing JavaScript code based on Google’s JavaScript Engine, V8

Node.js is basically like going to your console inside of a web browser. It is good for building APIs, and is one of the few ways to create a backend using JavaScript.

One of the main benefits is that Node.js is asynchronous, meaning that when fetching from an API rather…

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and is used to communicate with a database. This article will go through some of the basics of SQL!

1. Create Database

2. Create Table

Some of the basic concepts when getting started with Java!

0. Printing Stuff

Prints out whatever the statement is to the console. This is Java’s version of puts/prints/console.log.

  1. Variables

Variables are written using camel case.

When declaring a variable it you should include its data type. There…

I will go over how to set up routing in react!

React routing works by manipulating your window. If you open up the console and type “window.history” you get back something like:

You can change the state by doing:

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